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Skin Care Product

Skin care products for professionals

They have excellent effects being used in domestic and overseas esthetics and SPA. 

Many cosmetic brands are made and then disappear. If they are effective products, why do they disappear?

Cosmetic brands, which make products under different names on a regular basis, sell products depending on promotions rather than their effects, and then are replaced by new products when the effects of promotions disappear.


But if they are effective products, why should they use a new name at new season or new year?

We, TWOA, have been dealing with skin care products that have been used for a long time and have been recognized by professionals, beauty salons, and SPA since 2007, although our products are not well-known among consumers.

We supply our products through OEM to overseas. We produce and supply the products with request of buyers

Stem cell ampoule

Stem cell ampoule

Stem cell ampoule is used for peeling, laser treatment, and derma roller treatment in esthetics and SPA. 

Co2 Carboxy Gel Mask & Body

Co2 Carboxy Gel Mask & Body

Co2 Carboxy Mask products are being exported to more than 20 countries as their effects are well recognized in esthetics and SPA. 

Korean snail cream

Snail Cream

​It enhances hydration and elasticity of the skin, enriched with snail mucus extract and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. 


Skin Peeling Pen (Swab)

Peeling pen products have been loved as skin cosmetics. Skin-peeling swap products are easy to use at home. 

derma roller

Skin Roller 

Skin Roller (aka. Derma Roller) is an effective tool for many decades. Our product is a premium one which is made of 100% metal.