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Hair Care Product

Hair care products for professionals and home

​They are highly effective as they are being used in domestic and overseas hair shops. 

Hair loss shampoo

Hair Loss Shampoo & Essence

​It is a high-functional hair loss product containing 30 kinds of herbal ingredients including ginseng extract. It consists of shampoo and serum.

Keratin hair treatment

Keratin Hair Coating (Treatment)

Hair Protein Treatment is a product that can easily coat damaged hair with hair protein. It is easy to use at home. 

Oem hair shampoo

Hair Protein Shampoo & Rinse

Hair Loss Shampoo & Rinse that can mitigate hair damages using hair protein.

Skin derma stamp

Skin Stamp 

Skin Stamp (aka. Derma Stamp) enhances skin penetration like hair serum products.